This is not your father’s satellite industry. New technologies like smallsats, high throughput architectures and vast constellations are driving exciting new business models. Near Earth bankers don’t just understand satellite technology – they’ve lived it.

Improvements in satellite design and manufacturing have produced satellites with more power at lower cost than ever before – enabling more customers than ever before to enjoy the reliability and global reach that only satellite communications can offer. New remote imaging designs and analytics are expanding the accessibility and utility of imagery, enabling new users and applications. Drastically shrinking the size and cost of satellites and access to space now permits more users – from educators to corporations and even individuals – to fly their missions and get down to work in space.

From its inception, Near Earth has been dedicated to serving clients in the satellite industry. Whether it’s billion dollar plus asset swaps, M&A transactions, early stage capital raises, valuations of assets and spectrum or investor due diligence support, our expertise is your advantage.

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