Near Earth

Litigation Support

In many legal situations, a judge, jury, or arbitrator, often with minimal understanding of the Satellite, Commercial Space, and Telecom Technology industries, will be the decisive factor in your case. We leverage our financial backgrounds with our substantial in-depth understanding and history of involvement within these industries to not only add credibility to your arguments but to allow our senior professionals to explain complex concepts and models in a comprehensible manner.

Our experience acting in an expert witness capacity includes:

  • Valuation of assets
  • Financial analysis of economic damages
  • Business Valuation
  • Industry expert for certain satellite, telecom and aerospace sub-sectors
We are available for select clients to serve as expert witnesses and offer the following:
  • A strong team of financial professionals with extensive knowledge of the financial models and metrics used for the industry.
  • Two partners with deep industry expertise available for expert testimony.
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  • Our full team can be used to support written testimony, ensuring:
    • Rapid turn around time
    • Great in-depth knowledge
    • Thorough checking for accuracy

Examples of recent Near Earth LLC Litigation Assignments:

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