Near Earth

Our Mission

To offer our specialized expertise, deep relationships and superior service to achieve transaction success for our clients in today’s crowded, dynamic and uncertain capital markets.

Hoyt Davidson has been a leading banker to the Satellite industry since he helped co-found DLJ’s Space Finance Group in the mid-1990s. Learn More

John Stone, in addition to his tenure on Wall Street, worked with software, high-tech manufacturing and service communications firms for over 15 years. Learn More

Our Distinctions

Greater Industry Knowledge and Relationships:
Our combination of top tier banking, equity research expertise, and deep technical understanding is rare on Wall Street. This combination gives our clients a valuable multi-disciplinarian perspective on their transactions. We also believe it increases our ability to think strategically about the industry, and its trends and dynamics, and offer more proactive and creative ideas to our clients.

Competitive & Flexible:
Given our low overhead we can charge lower fees than our competitors and at times accept equity instead of cash as part of our compensation. Our smaller size also gives us the flexibility to structure engagements and our role to suit our clients’ needs. Where appropriate, we can combine our efforts with other financial advisors or investment banks

Independence :
We offer companies and their Boards independent advice free of the conflicts that can arise when firms also lend funds to their clients, provide research coverage, or actively trade a company’s securities.