Near Earth


Near Earth was founded by Hoyt Davidson in August 2002 to fill the growing gap in quality investment banking coverage for companies and investors in the Aerospace, Satellite and M2M Telematics sectors. Today, the situation is much the same and Near Earth’s vision continues to be validated.

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Major Wall Street firms provide good coverage to the largest participants in the industry and compete fiercely for large financings and M&A mandates. However, the major banks suffer from high cost structures that inherently limit their focus. As a consequence, medium and smaller deals and deals that require greater expertise and focus or involve a greater degree of closure risk have largely been abandoned by these firms. In contrast, Near Earth’s lean organization and high degree of specialization enable us to profitably and professionally address deals of smaller size and greater difficulty.

In addition, we believe our professionals’ rare blend of financial and technical qualifications, both academically and through years of work experience, increases the level of creativity and expertise they can bring to bear on such transactions. At Near Earth, we don’t try to be everything to everyone. As we grow, we remain dedicated to helping clients in the Aerospace, Satellite and Telematics industries. This is where we focus our efforts to make a difference.