Sense enabling and then connecting and controlling the devices in our lives is making operations better, safer, cheaper and smarter. On land, sea and in space, Near Earth has a record of helping its M2M clients succeed.

With increasingly global coverage and rapidly falling costs for sensors, terminals, computing power and connectivity, the foundation has been laid for a new Internet of Things. Enabled by this paradigm shift, new companies and reenergized industry titans are working to provide the intelligence to turn this deluge of data into actionable knowledge and ubiquitous presence. Our focus is on M2M/telematics; one of the most dynamic and fastest growing sectors within this larger revolution.

As this sector rapidly evolves, Near Earth is working with industry leaders to capitalize and grow – both organically and through smart, targeted business combinations. With 7 transactions to date, Near Earth’s experience and focus puts its clients ahead of the curve.

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