Senior secured credit – which is less expensive than equity or mezzanine capital – is the optimal funding alternative for many businesses. The Satellite and Telecommunications market in particular has historically had strong access to credit capital, as a result of the recurring cash flow profiles and protected markets of borrowers. 

While the current debt capital markets, particularly for transactions of at least $20 million, are deep and highly competitive, the highly specialized product profile and increasing sophistication of lenders make it desirable for corporate clients to seek the professional assistance of a qualified investment banker. 

Due to Near Earth’s in-depth credit knowledge and the professional backgrounds of the Near Earth team, which includes more than 10 years and billions of dollars of activity in structuring, underwriting, and placement of:

  • Cash-flow based bank debt,
  • Highly levered transactions,
  • Asset securitization and structured finance,
  • Senior as well as subordinated structures, and
  • High yield public bonds as well as privately placed institutional notes…

In addition to extensive data and analysis aggregated in support of our debt capital markets activities, and strong access to a wide network of:

  • Non-recourse cash-flow based lenders of all types,
  • Industry-specialist teams at banks, non-bank financial institutions, and credit funds,
  • Asset-based structured credit providers and agencies…


Near Earth is uniquely qualified to assist a broad universe of borrowers in accessing the most attractive debt capital available in this dynamic marketplace. We believe this to be a particular asset at the lower end of the credit market (i.e. for transactions of $5-15 million), a field in which attractive sources of senior debt are most difficult to identify but in which we have developed a unique knowledge base and network of contacts. 

Updated August 3, 2011