In a stagnant world of few growth opportunities, the aerospace industry offers limitless possibilities from building and launching new satellite systems to better connect the globe to expanding the human and robotic space frontier and assuring national security in an ever more volatile world.

Satellite manufacturing is evolving from a government lead and funded endeavor to an increasingly commercially driven industry with rapid innovation and efficiency the new drivers of success. Likewise, the launch services industry is seeing numerous commercial entrants pushing new technologies and business models.

Helping incumbents adapt to these changes and maintain their market shares requires clear understanding of the changing competitive dynamics. Helping new entrants gain a toehold in the market and achieve their growth objectives requires sound financial advice and capital raising support.

Near Earth’s partners grew up in the aerospace industry and have 21 years of experience designing complicated satellite systems for major aerospace companies. On top of that technical base are decades of investment banking experience at major Wall Street firms. This rare combination is our special sauce.

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