Crowdfunding is a very recent phenomenon to allow large numbers of donors to pledge small amounts of money to interesting projects over the internet and social networks. Near Earth and its professionals are pleased to be able to participate in crowdfunding as part of getting early projects off the ground. Below are some of the crowdfunding projects that Near Earth professionals have recently supported through pledges. Please click on them for more details about the project, their team and their individual funding needs and goals. We wish them all great luck in completing their fundraising and accomplishing each of their important projects.

If you or someone you know is raising money for a project in one of the areas that Near Earth takes interest in, including innovative projects with small satellites, spaceflight, UAVs and related areas, and are using a crowdfunding platform to raise seed/bootstrapping capital, please let us know about it. We are happy to provide some early support to crowdfund campaigns for good, exciting projects and teams.