Satellite Today “Near Earth’s John Stone: Synergies, Mergers Key to Cultivating Maritime Market”, January 3rd, 2012. In late December, Pole Star, Absolute Software and Absolute Maritime Tracking Services completed a three-company merge into a London-based entity providing a combination of monitoring and security related services. Near Earth Partner John Stone, who advised Absolute on the merger, spoke with Satellite News about how smaller maritime companies can position themselves to enhance their competitive potential in the larger market. (see article) “NanoRacks is Making Space Science Affordable For Everyone”, November 21, 2011. “We did something with this company that we never do – we invested more money in them than they paid us in fees.” Those were the words of Hoyt Davidson, the Managing Partner of Near Earth, LLC. Near Earth is a boutique investment banking firm that specializes in bringing funding to firms looking to start commercial operations in outer space. (see article)

Pole Star and Absolute to Merge, August 5, 2011 Pole Star Space Applications Limited, Absolute Software Inc. and Absolute Maritime Tracking Services Inc. today announce that they are actively engaged in talks intended to lead to a merger of their respective global operations. As a result, clients will have improved access to the combined companies’ market-leading services and technology solutions. Near Earth LLC is advising Absolute Software Inc. and Absolute Maritime Tracking Services Inc. (see article)

NanoRacks Announces Completion of Seed Round of Financing, June 20, 2011 NanoRacks LLC, the privately-held leading commercial provider of goods and services for low-earth orbit and beyond, announces the completion of its first external round of equity capital welcoming ten new angel and venture investors from both the U.S. and Europe. Near Earth LLC was the exclusive placement agent on NanoRacks LLC’s seed round financing. (see article)

New York Times Dealbook, “Dish Network Poised to Land DBSD for $1 Billion”, February 1, 2011 A dealbook article on Charlie Ergen’s Dish Network’s bid to acquire S-band satellite spectrum holder DBSD. Near Earth LLC Partner John Stone is quoted saying, “This was Plan B. Plan A was to try to get hold of DBSD through the loan-to-own scenario, but they are still getting the assets they wanted at a decent price. If not by land then by sea, and at the end of the day it’s still mission accomplished.” (see article)

Wall Street Journal, “The Battle to Rule the Air Heats Up”, December 30, 2010 A WSJ article about the increasingly intense battle between DISH and Echostar chairman Charlie Ergen and Harbinger Capital Mananging Partner Phil Falcone over satellite spectrum assets. Concerning Charlie Ergen, Near Earth LLC Partner John Stone is quoted as saying that if an attractive bid for the licenses never appears “EchoStar or Dish can act as a strategic party, so in a certain way he can control the outcome.” (see article)

EVA Interviews Hoyt Davidson, Managing Partner, Near Earth LLC  EVA Interviews: The Business of the new Space Age conducts a wide-ranging interview with Hoyt Davidson, Managing Partner of Near Earth on the subject of space finance (see article)
Globecomm Systems Acquires Telaurus Communications LLC, June 1, 2009 Globecomm Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: GCOM), a leading provider of satellite-based communications infrastructure solutions and services on a global basis, announced today that the Company has acquired privately held Telaurus Communications LLC (Telaurus), a telecommunications provider to the maritime market. Near Earth LLC advised Telaurus on the transaction (see article)

BusinessWeek, “Satellite Is Sexy Again”, April 28, 2008 A BusinessWeek article highlights the reemergence of some satellite companies and interest by private equity firms. Referring to the MSS companies, Near Earth LLC CEO Hoyt Davidson is quoted saying, “The key now is for these companies to minimize their negative operating cash flows to survive until demand for their spectrum increases.” (see article), February 11, 2008
A press release on Universal Space Network’s announcement of combined equity and debt financing of $18M, Near Earth LLC CEO Hoyt Davidson is quoted saying, “As an investment bank and advisory firm with a strong specialization in the commercial space industy, we are thrilled to have worked with the USN team…” (see article)

SatMagazine, December 10, 2007
In the December 10th issue of SatMagazine, Hoyt Davidson, CEO and Partner of Near Earth LLC, discusses “The Space Industry: Backwards and Forwards”. (see article)

Space News, December 11, 2006
In the December 11th issue of Space News, Hoyt Davidson, CEO and Partner of Near Earth LLC, discusses “The Year Behind, the Year Ahead” in the satellite industry. (see article)

Satellite Finance, November 13, 2006
In the November issue of Satellite Finance, J. Armand Musey and Kuni Takahashi, both of Near Earth LLC, discuss the role of private equity in FSS and ground services. (see article)

Via Satellite, September 7, 2006
In a recent “Via Satellite” article discussing the bandwidth trading market, Near Earth LLC President, J. Armand Musey, is quoted saying, “The big FSS operators have traditionally been reluctant or unenthusiastic when it comes to promoting any activity which results in their capacity being seen as a commodity.”

The Bridge, August 22, 2006
Analysis from a Near Earth LLC’s whitepaper is referenced in The Bridge for an article discussing satellite broadband.

Talking Communications with Farrell Kramer, June 15, 2006, Great Expectations
J. Armand Musey provides insight on the current state of public company communications. For example, investors can find it more difficult to get a true sense for a company’s management team now that most communications have become scripted and subject to legal review. Listen to the podcast

Space News, May 29, 2006, ContactMEO Pays $5 Million Bond to Secure FCC Authorization
J. Armand Musey, President of Near Earth, ContactMEO’s financial advisor, said, “There is a tremendous interest among prospective investors today in bandwidth. The FCC authorization is a huge amount of spectrum, and we think that will be attractive to potential investors.”

Wall Street Journal, May 5, 2006, BCE Listens to Bidders on Telesat, by Andy Pasztor
Near Earth LLC President J. Armand Musey is quoted saying, “[Telesat’s orbital locations above North America] make it an extremely attractive asset.”

SkyREPORT, April 19, 2006, OUTSIDE THE BOX: IPTV – The Death of Cable and Satellite?
Near Earth LLC presents a strategic analysis on the impact of IPTV on the U.S. cable and satellite providers. As the already saturated U.S. video market is poised to get even more competitive with the introduction of IPTV, the article looks at the winners and losers. The obvious winners will be the U.S. consumers with more choices and lower prices. Other beneficiaries are the rural cable operators and telcos (Please go to the “Analysis” section of this website to download the full article in the April issue of our monthly newsletter “From the Ground Up”).

New York Society of Security Analysts (nyssanews), November 2005, Committee Spotlight: Corporate Governance
Committee vice chair J. Armand Musey is quoted saying, “We think this is an exciting year to discuss corporate governance issues. The bubble excesses and the emotional reaction are behind us, and a rational discussion of the issues is emerging.” In related news, Armand will chair the Career Chat on “Joining a Corporate Board – The Risks and Rewards” on November 17.

Aviation Week & Space Technology, September 26, 2005 – Page 10, Market Focus, by Joseph C. Anselmo
In early September, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon decided to get out of the satellite imagery industry by agreeing to sell Space Imaging to its competitor Orbimage Holdings, Inc. for $58.5 million. Near Earth President J. Armand Musey is quoted saying “The killer application on the commercial side never really materialized…Everyone thought that companies would suddenly find all kinds of uses for [satellite imagery] and they didn’t.”

Satellite News, September 12, 2005, Panamsat acquisition ‘Bad News’ for manufacturers if it goes through
Near Earth President J. Armand Musey suggested that it could be the satellites Intelsat acquired from Loral as part of Loral’s bankruptcy proceedings that could be put back on the market as a condition of the [U.S] government approving the acquisition.

Satellite Finance, September 1, 2005 – Page 21, ContactMEO hopeful of license windfall
ContactMEO, the prospective satellite broadband company, may receive a license from the FCC to push ahead with its plan to build, launch and operate three HEO and four GEO orbiting satellites in November. Near Earth LLC is advising ContactMEO on the financing round.

Wall Street Journal, August 19, 2005 – Page A3, Intelsat May Pull Rival Into Its Orbit, by Andy Pasztor
Near Earth President J. Armand Musey is quoted saying, “It [a merger between New Skies and Intelsat] would make good sense because of their complementary geographic coverage and the strong focus of New Skies on video services”, a relatively weak market segment for Intelsat.

Satellite Finance, July 14, 2005 – Page 3, Near Earth and Thomas Weisel Tie Up
The Near Earth and Thomas Weisel partnership is viewed as a good strategic fit. “This deal makes a lot of sense,” commented one banker. “Near Earth have been overworked for a while now and for Thomas Weisel, satellite is definitely a white spot.”

Space News, July 11, 2005, Thomas Weisel Partners and Near Earth announce satellite investment banking alliance
The Near Earth and Thomas Weisel partnership is viewed as a good strategic fit. “This deal makes a lot of sense,” commented one banker. “Near Earth have been overworked for a while now and for Thomas Weisel, satellite is definitely a white spot.”

Space News, February 28, 2005, Profile of Phil Spector, Near Earth Advisory Board member
The profile section in the February 28, 2005 issue of Space News featured Phil Spector, Executive Vice President and General Counsel for Intelsat. Mr. Spector discusses his new job at Intelsat, the ORBIT act and other top regulatory issues facing the satellite industry (see full interview: “Switching Sides”).

Satellite Finance, January 19, 2005, Near Earth LLC mentioned in Satellite Finance’s League Tables 2004
The January 19, 2005 issue of Satellite Finance listed the 2004 league table for the top financial advisors for M&A deals. Near Earth received a mention for boutique investment banks with big potential in 2005.

Wall Street Journal, January 18, 2005 – Page A6, Lockheed Faces Quality Concerns After Failure of Intelsat Satellite, by Andy Pasztor
Near Earth President J. Armand Musey is quoted saying “Potential failures clearly are going to be highlighted in the minds of the new breed of investors [private equity firms]” in reference to how private equity firms would perceive the sector in light of recent failures.

Space News, January 17, 2005, Near Earth LLC profile
The profile section in the January 17, 2005 issue featured Near Earth LLC. Hoyt Davidson, Chairman, and J. Armand Musey, President, spoke with Space News about recent public and private equity markets, satellite radio and broadband via satellite (see full interview: “Investing in Success”).

Satellite Finance, December 8, 2004, Near Earth Advisory Board announcement
In the December 8, 2004 issue of Satellite Finance, Near Earth’s Advisory Board is announced. The appointments – eight in total – are all well known figures in the satellite industry (view the Advisory Board section of our website to see more details).

Satellite News, September 20, 2004, “Will Niche Companies Spur Industry Growth”, by J Armand Musey, CFA
The September 20, 2004 issue of Satellite News featured an article by Near Earth LLC President, J. Armand Musey, CFA. The article, “Will Niche Companies Spur Industry Growth?”, discusses the role of smaller companies pursuing niche opportunities in an industry entering a mature growth phase.

Satellite Finance, September 3, 2004, Special feature interview with Near Earth’s Davidson & Musey
The September 3, 2004 issue of Satellite Finance featured an interview with Near Earth LLC CEO, Hoyt Davidson and President, J. Armand Musey, CFA. Hoyt Davidson and Armand Musey discuss with Oliver Cann their views on the financial markets (see full interview: “Down to Earth”).

Hollywood Reporter, April 14, 2004, Dish’s deja-feud: Echostar-Turner
J. Armand Musey suggests that Charlie Ergen could be trying to persuade regulators with his carriage showdowns to allow him to ultimately employ a complete a la carte approach to programming.

Wall Street Journal, July 10, 2003, SES Global Plans Expansion in Face of Market Slump, by Andy Pasztor
Near Earth President J. Armand Musey is quoted saying “that SES ‘will likely find it pretty difficult’ to round up enough customers to fill up the extra satellite capacity it has in the pipeline” in reference to supply/demand issues in the FSS sector.